That One Song

I am out with friends and I look happy and frolicky, decked up, spruced up, company is good, food tastes great, such a lovely evening, yay kind of Sunday! Everything seems in place and oh so fine, until some stupid, uncalled for, moronic, crappy, mushy, lovey dovey song starts playing in the background and overwhelms me with influx of gazillion emotions, inadvertently reminding me of you. Ehhh.

Damn you brilliant musicians and lyricists and singers all over the world! Totally unaware of the turmoil you cause to some cushion hearted people.

37 thoughts on “That One Song

  1. Life & it’s way of letting us know that there is no PERFECT moment of happiness. Our smiles & our will power is the way of letting life know that there is no PERFECT moment of suffering.

  2. Great post. Just read through a bunch of comments and I’m glad to have joined the ranks of your blogger pals. But I totally agree with the music issue. My wife and I were listening to oldie goldies just a few nights ago. I clicked on Roberta Flack and instantly got depressed. So next, I clicked on a Beatle song “Yellow Submarine” and got back on the good feeling train. πŸ™‚
    Oh, you mentioned Hindi movies. I watched a movie, hmmm, a while back, The Lunchbox. Have you seen it? I absolutely love the movie. What movie or movies would you recommend?
    Oh and one other thing! Your writing is excellent. I believe you have great ability there. Your use of language is marvelous, and it seems you are developing a unique voice. Keep at it. But whatever you do, don’t “try” to write a certain way…simply go with your feelings and you will be on the right (write) path.

    • Pleasure all mine Sir..:). It is interesting to know that you are from a teaching background, my mum is a professor too. And, I am glad you relate. It happens all the time with me, listening to a song changes my mood.
      Now that you ask, I am a Hindi movie buff to some extent. The Lunchbox, I haven’t seen it yet but heard ample about it. I really like “Taare Zameen Par”, it’s about a young kid’s struggle with dyslexia. You may give it a watch. And thanks a ton, your words made me happy. Will keep your advice in mind. I normally go with my feelings only, when writing.

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