Cloudy day ☁

It’s okay to not feel so great at some days. It’s okay if your morning wasn’t all spruced up. It’s no big deal if some barely acquainted person said something to prick your nerves. It’s not a good hair day, still manageable. You skipped breakfast today, go have a heavy dinner. Work troubling you, work less for today. Your phone is surprisingly quite, just keep it aside. Your cloth got stuck on a nail, darn it, just a material possession. Too much rain? Lay low for a while. Friends losing touch, give them a call. People disappointing you, expect lower will you? It’s okay to be dull on some days. It’s okay to not feel great all the time. After all, it’s just a day. Will pass like any other.

#on one such days…

23 thoughts on “Cloudy day ☁

  1. Lol?!!!
    Was up Lady ?
    Eatyourbreakfast will you !
    Root of all problems 😉
    Believe me or not
    Try complete breakfast 7 days
    And post again

  2. Nicely written… It is okay to be dull on some days…. if it just a day then it is fine but if it a “phase” may take time, might become easier if one shares the gloominess…. just a thought 🙂 🙂
    On a lighter note, evening was not that cloudy, was it??? 😛 🙂

  3. No offense but i have to disagree with this, I believe that if one starts off a day with a clear goal in mind and aims only to achieve that goal or particular set of goals then there is nothing there to stop them from gaining what they want.

    With that being said it is true that we all go through off days when all the might in the heavens can not force us to lift a finger, days when we rather just lay there day dreaming than accomplish any worldly tasks. I believe that even these days can be made productive for being lost in your own mind is a skill of its own and its only through prolonged meditation has humanity ever achieved true realization.

    All I have to say is, lay off when you have to but try to always keep your heart and mind at bay 🙂

    • No offense taken mate..:)
      Glad to hear your point of view. And I too agree on..”nothing can beat a good start to your day”…but then again, some things are not in our hands and they drain your energy unnecessarily…you know what I mean..? I guess I need more will to act than ponder..:)
      And yeah keeping your heart and mind at bay…tough task but very handy.. 😛

  4. Hey buddy! Kya hua? Mondays are here again but we are more tougher 🙂 sleep is more important than food. Breakfast is most important meal 😉 I skip it daily and don’t follow me please 😛

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