That One Song

I am out with friends and I look happy and frolicky, decked up, spruced up, company is good, food tastes great, such a lovely evening, yay kind of Sunday! Everything seems in place and oh so fine, until some stupid, uncalled for, moronic, crappy, mushy, lovey dovey song starts playing in the background and overwhelms me with influx of gazillion emotions, inadvertently reminding me of you. Ehhh.

Damn you brilliant musicians and lyricists and singers all over the world! Totally unaware of the turmoil you cause to some cushion hearted people.

MY Bro

Technically I am six years elder to him, but we haven’t acknowledged the age difference ever. He has fought with me, argued, made me cry, all of that bitter banter. Ain’t that how siblings live in harmony?

We are celebrating Raksha-bandhan in India today. It is an exclusive brother-sister festival, where sisters tie Rakhi (it’s like a band) to their bros and brothers, well they shower us with gifts! It also has a solemn message behind it, particularly that the brothers vow they would always protect and take care of their sisters. It is an endearing custom. I have such fond memories of it from the past.


If I flashback to the very start, I remember not being very enthused with my brother being born on his very first day. I was a pampered six year old, my mom had left me for the first time to go to nana’s place and he was kind of snatching my territory with his cute little actions (Oh he was damn cute back in those days!). Peace was somehow achieved in a day or two with my dad’s efforts and then there was no point of return.

As he grew, he would fight with me over every little thing. We were different. He liked paneer, I liked potatoes. I stacked up fairy tales, and he would pile up his monthly cricket magazines. I would watch Bollywood songs, and he would watch WWE. We were a team though despite all anomalies. Perfectly acting in co-ordination. We knew what to hide from parents and what not. Never tell-taled. :D. We would play video games together, collect pokemon stickers. Even though shit scared, we would buy DVDs of horror movies and watch it in one blanket, our mom having no clue. Then I left for my higher studies, and I remember the day I had to leave, he ran to some fancy shop and bought me this very cute kitty soft toy. Melted my heart for all it was. <3.

Now we have grown up, I am here working and he is doing his studies. Times have changed. We occasionally meet. And we hardly call each other. Those formalities have never suited both of us. I have his back, I guess he knows. Will only call me when there is trouble in paradise. Every time I see him, he annoys me to the core. Sometimes, he does it purposefully. In a bigger picture, I totally love him though. We have that sort of a relationship which you least worry about. Ain’t that how the siblings function anyway. :). Kind of missing that idiotic creature today.

Varied sleepy thoughts…zzz

If someone comes along and glues your broken pieces together and then crushes you suddenly, ain’t that double the harm done?! The once glued broken pieces will further shatter into tiny shards, you know n*2 times, and eventually you will just vanish like the dust. Lately, I am not understanding how human relations work. What is supposedly right? What is morally right? How to deal with situations that are beyond your control? I sure tell myself, don’t turn into a crazy person, but I have symptoms galore. This is not even frustration, it is like I have come in terms with the restless side of me. God is not helping too. Will do something absurd in coming days to feel better. May be cut short my hairs.

#silly talks..absolutely silly!

Reblogging Dear Me – Epistolary Poem

I loved it!

Dear Me – Epistolary Poem.

Dear Me,

What have you become? You’ve crashed, due to a faulty system. Maybe your wiring’s bad. Or your connection has faded. It’s like you lost all you had, and the cost left you jaded. You’ve plugged yourself into too many sources and now you’re stuck running their courses. Jumping their hurdles, running their races. Passing by so quickly, it’s nothing but a blur of faces. Make it stop, or at least slow down. I’m tired of seeing your face stained with a frown. You’re fighting a battle, I know you are. But don’t waste your life on the front lines of war. Calm down, breathe, and let go. It will be hard, but take it slow. Forget the past, forget tomorrow. Live for the moment and forget your sorrow. You’re stretching too far and wearing yourself thin, give yourself time to let it all in. Don’t become this figment of who you were, live for today and be all that you are.


Sunshine & Sweetheart Awards

Did you guys know Liebster is German for sweetheart..:)?!

I have been gifted this award by the beautiful Melinda…who is totally obsessed with all things purple and is so full of life, it reflects in each of her posts! I will earnestly accept this award, Melinda. We can have a formal ceremony for it, where we come dressed in purple! I know we both will look a zillion bucks .. 😛

Also, believe in my awesome luck to get nominated for another mushy mushy award: The Sunshine blogger award! The one to bestow this upon me was Neerja who herself is sweetness personified. Us women like to talk! You blog a gloomy post and she will show her concern. I love such people. And yes ma’am you reciprocate sunshine in my life with your comments. :). Thank you!

So, Liebster award is one great platform to know fellow bloggers and help them grow(in blogging of course). Rules are pretty simple –

  1. You get nominated, you nominate 11 other budding bloggers. Also link the person who considers you a Liebster.
  2. Answer the questions posed on you.
  3. Provide another set of 11 questions for your nominees.
  4. Thank and celebrate and jump…that’s all on your discretion!

Sunshine award is pretty much similar, just you get to decide on the count of questions. And you nominate people who kind of lit up your day with their words :)!

here are my answers Melinda:

1. When did you start blogging and why?

Oh it was an outcome of severe heart-break or sorts. Was very gloomy back in those days and thought to channel my thoughts to something good.

2. What is your favorite childhood memory?

Mom and Dad buying ice cream for me and my brother. Double scoop in cone with three flavours: Vanilla, Strawberry and Pista. Yummm. Also splashing water on my brother all the time.

3. What book are you currently reading?

I read really slow. It’s a curse. From past few days, I am reading Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell. On young love.

4. What’s your favorite color?

Mustard. I like everything mustard.

5. What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?

Waking up late nights, doing things I like. I really enjoy staying awake late, fully aware of the fact that it will take a toll on me the next morning.

6. Close your eyes, and describe a vivid scent memory.

Mm…I hugged this guy and he smelled amazing. Like ripping the clothes off amazing! Made me feel like coming home and dwelling for long. Now I miss the scent Melinda!

7. What is your favorite thing about blogging?

I like how people share and care and understand whatever you write.

8. If you could travel anywhere in the world, no cost, where would you go?


9. Why did you choose that particular place?

It’s a romantic and lovely place. Looks all peaceful in the pictures I have seen.

10. If you were gifted $150, how would you treat yourself?

You give me any money, I’ll spend it on shopping. Will buy myself some clothing item.

11. Miss America, how will you bring world peace?

By promoting child education. If you make them literate, they will have an open, sensible mind to not fight for baseless issues.

Now, for Neerja’s question:

Do you believe in destiny and if yes then tell us about your one moment that made you believe in it.

Yeah, I believe in destiny. Pretty much. I cannot summarize in one moment but every nice person who has come into my life and stayed, it is somewhere destiny’s trick. Otherwise, how uncanny it is, that our paths crossed? I am more of those, “universe conspires in your favour” sort of person. One evening I was riding with my friend, seated back, kind of lost, and then parallely a bike came and a person dressed as Santa excitedly waved at me. I waved back too, smiling. Can’t tell you how happy that made me! So yeah I do believe in destiny.

Here’s the tough part: nominations and questions!

my nominations for Liebster award,













  1. Why do you blog? Apart from the fact that you love it.

2. Movies or books? What do you prefer more.

3. Favorite memory of drenching in the rain?

4. Do you tend to judge people based on their age?

5. Favourite item to shop?

6. Nocturnal or Diurnal?

7. Word that you like most, or often use?

8. You love killing time by doing what?

9. You are scared of…?

10. One harsh truth you have learnt from experience?

11. If you could time travel, you would like reliving what moment?

To my sunshines, here is your question, Share that one thing you really really really want to do, like down the lane, in future?  And the nominations,

Darshith, you do delight me up..sure thing.

Bhanu, i like your on the go solutions. Very practical indeed!

lilrants, you are pretty quirky. Actually, pretty + quirky.

No obligations, nominees! Would be very glad to hear from you though.

P.S. : This cat’s pic because I feel a little gooey today.

Cloudy day ☁

It’s okay to not feel so great at some days. It’s okay if your morning wasn’t all spruced up. It’s no big deal if some barely acquainted person said something to prick your nerves. It’s not a good hair day, still manageable. You skipped breakfast today, go have a heavy dinner. Work troubling you, work less for today. Your phone is surprisingly quite, just keep it aside. Your cloth got stuck on a nail, darn it, just a material possession. Too much rain? Lay low for a while. Friends losing touch, give them a call. People disappointing you, expect lower will you? It’s okay to be dull on some days. It’s okay to not feel great all the time. After all, it’s just a day. Will pass like any other.

#on one such days…

Travel diaries: Road Trip

Has been a busy week folks. Like how six days just roll by in a glimpse and you wake up on Sunday with your body parts aching. Have a lot on my mind…got things to do. Yesterday was our country’s 69th Independence Day, kind of a big deal in India. So my work place was, for the full week, high on patriotic extravaganza. I like it. I love India. But I am not over the top hyper-ish about it!! That happened. We had some fun games, decorations, dress code and all of it.
Then I went on a road trip to Shakleshpur yesterday with some office friends. Nature. Retreat. Rain. Water. Peace. Laughs. Long drive. Music. All of my favorite things. There was this gigantic waterfall we trekked to. Soiled, tired and curious, as we reached the destination, the view was simply breath-taking. Worth the trouble taken. I stood there, facing that enormous waterfall, drenching in the sprinkles; in that moment, a feeling occurred to me as if the fall is challenging me. How much can you take Roopam? I can crush you to bits and I will shower you with troubles. Are you strong enough to stand tall through all of it? the wind kept pushing me and eyes struggled to stay open. I was smiling I guess, to the challenge posed on me. Felt like talking to the fall and saying, I am so ready! will take it all and I will stay strong. The fall rushed in more breeze, more water towards me, to confirm..,Are you sure? it is not going to be easy. And I let my hairs down and turned all boho 😀 and nodded in excitement, uttering in my mind..Yes I know!
Nature has its own way of telling you things.
Yesterday, I was high on nature. And today, I am high on sleep. Adios!


They say sleep gives your mind some rest. But what if you have gotten aloof to the idea of rest. What if restlessness runs in your veins now, along with those RBCs and WBCs? That uneasy feeling inside your body which subjugates your mind. Can’t think straight. Can’t act or react with propriety. Insanity makes sense now.

Mental discomfort sucks!

Physical discomfort resulting from above sucks even more!

So I am going to get some sleep. New day. New story. New beginnings.image