Boy, have I matured?!

As a teenager, I hated being called anything close to this term, mature. I used to grumble: you get mature when you get old. I am still young with many reckless years to spend. I don’t know who changed the dimensions but “mature” doesn’t offend me that much now. I do behave pampered and unreasonable on many a occasions but on a larger scale, maturity has laid its dirty hands on me. Yeah! I know! Here are few observations that I believe make a person fall under this “grown up” category:
> When your friend has been an ass and you know it pretty well; yet you call them up to reconcile.
> When your heart gets broken and you don’t curse them back.
> When you are going on a family trip and all bookings have been made under your name and not your parents like it used to be.
> When someone cancels on a fun evening and you totally “understand”.
> When loneliness at times, comforts you.
> When you have two, three, five fixed deposits to be matured in coming months.
> When you start carrying umbrella in your bag before stepping out of your house.
> When your ex talks about his present and you are the one to give friendly advice.(sucks! Even after gallops of maturity)
> When you start dating keeping perspective bride/groom in your mind. :D.
> No matter what shit happens in your life, you try to be cool.
> When cleaning your room has become a part of your routine.
> When you shop based on necessity rather than on whim.
> When reading sounds like the perfect leisure time.
> When 11 pm is way too late for you to be awake.
> When being called matured seems right to you, more like a compliment; there! you have matured my friend.

P.S. No matter what, keep that prickly kid alive in you!!!

29 thoughts on “Boy, have I matured?!

  1. izza ifzaal says:

    I soo agree with you!! All the points clear;y stated how sensible when it comes to time and maturity…Great post!!

  2. I enjoy the reading as for me I also hate being called mature is like people sometimes expect too high of you without realizing that you can still be what you use to be only in a wiser version. I think about saying friendly advices to the ex I’m not there yet.

    Btw I nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Award if you could come to my blog and see the rules I will truly appreciate it. I’m looking forward for your answers.

  3. I’m interested in the “prickly kid.” When it comes to sweat equity, and prickly heat, it’s best to have the Heat and not the prickly. Never liked the thorns on the rose bush and wondered the name of the rose and where the rose fruit was. Does the rose have hips and lips to be kind and speak of the sun or she speak of prickly pears of despair. Where is the place where the petals pedal the peddler’s band wagon to the make hay festival. Would there be fun left to play when the melodies are old? Would the band say, “prick up your ears” and dance again. I don’t know if the show is over. Hope there’s never a show stopper.

    • I guess the word “prickly” pricked you.. πŸ˜› ..I am reading your comment again and again to gauge the emotion behind it.. i feel kids are little annoying, so it came instinctively..what I want to say is don’t get all sensible and matured. Are we on the same page here? πŸ™‚

      • Yes thanks. I got a little carried away with drifting similar words and word play. I just meant that maturity doesn’t have to exclude innocent fun and games, and even a wise person can make a joke. Thanks for reading my comment even though it was a little bit scatterbrained.

      • Oh yes! I do agree with you. Maturity is nothing but a term, one can behave however they want to. And truth be spoken I was kind of awaiting your response, so mention not. :).

    • haha…i remember watching Pokemon as a kid…have borrowed WWE episodes from my brother now to watch! πŸ˜€ Doraemon never fascinated me much though.

      • Yes, one thing or the other !
        that’s what you say ‘Pokemon as a kid’
        if you want to be a kid forever
        then choose some ‘cartoon’ and keep watching forever, that kid in you, will always be alive πŸ˜‰

  4. That’s really on point. I love being called immature cause I still feel it stands for being boring and handling situations the “correct” way which anyways I rarely do. Also idk I’m really worried that just like others I will loose the kid inside me if I grow too mature

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