Those signs! @?&*#!

I have never been that much of a superstitious person but they say no…Read the signs! I look out for signs..! Don’t know if that is silly or indecisive on my part but I do keep looking.
Say I am adding items to the shopping cart and there is just one stock left..sign that I should buy it! 😀
I am overdoing my work or spending whole of my day glued to the monitor screen and my laptop suddenly snaps off,..sign that I should take a break! (My laptop is really old guys)
Today, on my way to office…a BIG hoarding read “It is now or never!” And i started pondering..what?! What is now or never.
There are days when people walk past me with words written over their shirt, “keep calm” and I do take a note.
The truth is, I am kind of a lost being and in my weak my desparate moments..I just reach out for something that makes me feel better or gives me a direction. I guess we all do..and still hate to admit it. Nobody likes to be faulty but after a certain time, we just accept these faults as our character traits and move on!

Recently saw this actor Ranveer Singh dressed in a night suit for some fashion magazine event and his shirt read “No Fucks To Give”. Want the T shirt and little bit of that attitude!

4 thoughts on “Those signs! @?&*#!

  1. Haha! Loved it. True, we all have our moments when it is difficult to make a decision and that feeling of being lost is very relatable to me 😀
    And well, not giving fucks is an art that we all try to master but sometimes, the tiniest needle pinches the most. Probably that makes us human. I hope I made sense at this hour.

  2. The last piece left? That is definitely the sign!
    And that look of Ranveer’s is amazingly chilled out, I love how he just doesn’t give a damn.. You do know that you can iron messages on tshirts right?

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