Out of sight, yet not out of mind. Whatever happened to the old school romance?! Where you could have stayed far and still content with the hope of meeting again. Where long distances didn’t give people jitters. Where arrival of a letter from your loved one paced your heart beat. Where trust was never an issue. Where love was expressed through gestures and not pontifical social media posts. I suppose deep inside everyone craves for simplicity. Atleast I do. I am a sucker for those genuine smiles, timid eye contacts and heartfelt words. Distances don’t scare me, detachment does. I wonder why am I thinking of all this now. Or writing about it. I wonder how many stories have been left unfinished or got ended due to this stupid stupid modern times relationship rulebook. I wonder how many stories still wander around and wish if distances couldn’t have played the villain role in them..#in a pensive mood.