$ Monetary blunders $

I feel a little normal these days. It is like I was going through some inexplicably difficult time and now things are settling..not settling but fading may be. Getting less intense. Time works like a bandage..has anyone said it before? Or I am coining this quote.

Today, I had a hands-on experience of how it feels when you are broke. I was doing my usual thoughtless, sporadic, in-the-moment kind of shopping. First swipe done, second swipe done…third time around the swipe machine buzzed for my card…payment declined…it was exactly how they show in movies, when a person is on the verge of a financial crisis. I was like :o!! Good lord! And it hit me like a tiny little lightning bolt that I am low on balance. I guess I needed this. :D. To put some sense to my brains and reduce on the expenses. Dear next month’s salary, I’ll be gentle on you. That being said, I guess it is human to get utterly broke in your lifetime once. Sensibility on saving money is one of the last things I will attain as an adult. Signing off. 2.25 am. I need some sleep.

3 thoughts on “$ Monetary blunders $

  1. Ah, I have never had those moments but have seen my sister go through it. So all that I suggested to her was to maintain a diary of expenditure and keep writing the balance, and before purchasing something to ask yourself, ‘Do I really need this? Is it that important to have?’ atleast 3 times! 😀

    Whenever I don’t feel good/normal, I end up stocking on chocolates and pastries and cheese and pasta 😀 And then spend a bomb on the gym membership 😛

    • Yeah i know this trick..do I really need this…but before buying itself I am fully aware of the fact that i don’t need it but I’ll crave for it till I purchase it. It is turning into a syndrome of sorts. But I’ll try noting down my expenses..that might help. Thanks! 😛

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