Time and its tantrums

Do you ever feel like your time is running out? Like you only have two hands, one heart, one mind and a hundred of things to accomplish. I have been bad at time management, since forever. Somehow, things always worked out by themselves. I am amongst those, “in the last moment” kind of people. My productivity/energy increases as I reach towards the deadline. So say when I am supposed to work on something(not talking about my job here!), I’ll be listening to songs instead, fully aware of the toll it would cause me later.

I am doing it right now, 2 am..supposed to sleep for office tomorrow and I am penning down some shit load of tangled thoughts running in my head. Someone tell me what is normalcy? I think I had it at some point of time…and then I moved on..and left it where it was. I guess it is okay to be weird and not proclaim that you are weird. I guess I am a subtle form of weirdo who tries usual stuff and then gets bored and then again gets back to her unusual routines.

Meanwhile, I am having this love hate kind of a relation with technology, where certain aspects of it are really bugging me, urging me to time travel back to simpler days and then I am even abusing the privilege at full throttle. What to do? Life is puzzling.

2 thoughts on “Time and its tantrums

  1. Greetings from a fellow ‘in the last moment’ kinda person! 🙂
    I am aware that this is an almost 3 year old post of yours but I am hoping you continue to cherish all that you have mentioned here: Penning down thoughts that cloud your brain at 2 am, included!
    And sometimes I wonder what does being ‘normal’ mean at all? Maybe what a bunch of people decided fits in with the larger pattern. If it is, then I am happy being a weirdo as well!
    Meanwhile, all the best with life’s puzzles!
    Cheers! 🙂

    • I am glad you could relate to it after 3 years. And about being a weirdo, welcome to the club! Wish you great things as well. Thanks for stopping by! 😊

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