Me time ♥


When it is your birthday eve, and you are blogging instead of (i don’t know..) celebrating..makes you ponder if everything is on the right track. Did you make right friends or will they just disappoint you on every possible occasion! My pals..the closest ones..turned out to be pricks..busy..sleeping and what not. Sure they will come around but it buzzed me off a little.

May be, I am behaving little kiddish. Or probably, the best people in my life are all jerks. I guess here comes first of those lessons of turning 25. Be content with what you have! Anyway, I am going to wipe the scorn off my face. Today I adorned the world with my endearing presence. Gives me all the reason to smile. :).

Celebrate you! 😛

5 thoughts on “Me time ♥

  1. Happy birthday! 😀
    Here’s to more lessons, sometimes as people and at other times as experiences.
    To be able to laugh unapologetically, smile wide and dance even if you have two left feet, so that though we grow old, may our hearts never age 🙂
    To many more birthdays, and cake! 😀

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