Gloominess..go away!

What I have concluded from the past few days is that, misery is over rated and it is very common too! I am talking about mild miseries here. The self instigated ones. People seldom look happy to me. When I see them on a street or watch them eating or listen to their cribbings. They look more like acting as per the surroundings. You know consciously minding their behaviour. For that matter I don’t look very over enthusiastic too. Why wouldn’t someone get a fit and start to sing out of no where? Or just pass a smile ever so often. People tag them as weird then. The other day, while travelling on a bus an old man walked up to me and gave me a candy from some walk marathon thing of his. Ain’t that nice! There were no strings attached. I guess we are more comfortable in misery, that way we don’t have to be prepared for something bad. Happiness comes with a fear that it might be snatched away. I would rather live in fear. Oh a girl and her dreams! :).

4 thoughts on “Gloominess..go away!

  1. That was really thought-provoking. “We are more comfortable in misery” is spot-on ! A simple smile is all it takes to make someone’s day. And with something as contagious as smiles, the world could indeed become a better place to live. Really loved this post ! You have a unique way of expressing your wonderful thoughts. 🙂

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