Blessing in disguise!

Adversities bring out the best in you. Or sometimes the best to you. My current adversity involves sudden malfunctioning of my phone. Malfunctioning did I say?! No…it abruptly died last week. Kind of like two people walking on a lone island..having a good time and suddenly out of no where one person drowns. In that moment..I blurted weird reactions. Firstly I got excited..okay time for a new phone! Then I felt a little bad…because as humans, we tend to get attached to myriad things. Then a thought crossed my mind…now is the time to cut off from world. My contigency plan stepped up in the form of a low key phone I used to carry five years back. I rummaged through old cartons and luckily found its charger. Now my voyage(well..sort of!) began. No mails…no clicking of random contacts..felt lighter in a strange way. I remembered five contacts and that was all. I was happy..carefree..strolling..wandering..sleeping without anxiety..waking up without caring to check my phone..battery of my sturdy old school lasting for two days was good. And got the better of me. I succumbed. I wish God had given me a stronger will power to stay disconnected. Anyway. Adversity is over. Have ordered a new phone. Truely speaking…I have mixed feelings about it. It’s like..okay now I was alone in the island..had gotten accustomed to the surroundings..was scavenging alone..having my own fun..and now a new person will tag along. Whatever! We’ll find our peace. And there is the pic…in memory of my old phone! 😛 Drew it long back..

12 thoughts on “Blessing in disguise!

  1. It’s hard to leave old things because we have memories attached to them. I too have a Windows Phone. It’s Nokia 625 which I bought in 2014. Then, I realize that today itself I bought it, 27th Oct, 2014. Isn’t it coincident that today I am reading your blog, and I have come across this post? Seriously life is weird. Though Windows Phone has not so much apps and now most apps have stopped supporting the Windows platform but still I love it because of its simple user interface. It’s has been 5 years and now it is not working properly but still, I like it because of the memories attached to it.

    • Hey Manoj..I know this is quite a late reply but thank you for going through my blog! Your comments brought me delight. I happened to own a Windows phone too. Nokia Lumia, some model. Took pride in having something out of the place though people around criticized it. 🙂

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