I pile on. Things. Emotions. Boxes. Clothes. All tangible/intangible stuff. I pile on every stupid thing. From a chocolate wrapper to some shirt’s button, I collect them all. I broke a hair band today and disposing it away pinched me a little! Now when I write it here, I realize the heights of absurdity in it. Losing anything does not come easy to me. I cling to it till it’s absolutely necessary to get rid of. I am (eventually) understanding that it’s not helpful in the long run. Soon I’ll be in a room full of nothing but non-essentials. It is already filling up. Why don’t I live out of my brain for a day? Use someone else’s head may be. And then get rid of all these things. Doing it myself would only seem a treason to the aforementioned NON HUMAN things. I’ll figure out a way. You dear shoes, have served me well when the time existed. You pretty shirt, were my easiest rescue for many a days. I think I am sleep talking, writing! Time to part ways.

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