Crazy solo fan club

I cannot count the number of random thoughts I get in a day. Fight this. Fight that. One day I am all positive, the other day, exact opposite. I am not liking normal mankind these days. Everybody seems selfish. Or indifferent. The most annoying thing: daily I dig up one reason to miss this guy! Like okay, I haven’t ruminated over this topic yet…let’s grill my head with these thoughts today. I am on some self destructive mode. Don’t understand WHYYY?! And I am sorting it all on my own. If I look from an outsider’s perspective, I’ll definitely suggest myself some counsellor. But it’s not that serious an issue. May be just a matter of time. Or so I am praying. I just cannot sink in the feeling that after knowing me how can someone decide not to have me in their life. Full on adorable and funny I am! Anyway, complicated or whatever shit that is, I have to accept it.
Let me talk about something that perks me up. Yeah, SRK movies. I am a biggggg fan of Shah Rukh Khan. Every annoying thing he does on TV, no matter how stupid, how boastful, how silly, i love it all. It’s like blind adulation. Nothing affects my stand on that. And what to say, I have grown up watching his movies again and again and again. Nowadays when his movies release, I’ll be all apprehensive and I’ll pray to God that please let it be a HIT. Let it be good. Let people love it. It’s all the way craziness for him. Anyone and everyone who talks bad about him offends me. So, I prefer not to discuss at all. Or otherwise I might throw things at them :D. Stupidly enough, i even have a pic of him in my clutch. Nothing done on intention, but there are these weight machines in railway stations where you put a coin and they give out a slip telling your weight on one side and some random character trait of yours. So this one had SRK’s pic and I just couldn’t get rid of it. :P. Anyway, ciao for today! My mood seems better.

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