I don’t exist if I don’t have her..the sun doesn’t shine the world doesn’t turn alright..alright.. 🙂

How dramatic and enormously cute this gesture is. I dig this kind of love where you have gone all head over heels for the person. One direction, i like! Now, when i think of it, how utterly boring life would be if there was no music to listen to. Isn’t it? It pumps my heart, my feet and my soul. From quite a few days I have been thinking of getting a tattoo done. Something miniature, nothing to show off but for self-gratification. There are two options. One is an anklet sort of design around my feet; another is a small flying bird behind the ear. The conflict is that both are very different from each other. Anklet design I conjured up because I used to wear this chain on my left feet and it had various emotions attached. Had to keep that emotion intact. Bird is for the independence. How it has always affected my life and my decisions. WHAT to do?! I have been confused with options all my life. And then I don’t even listen to what others suggest. May be that’s why my blogsite reads whimsical… . Anyway, will know in a week’s time.

#doing what I like..

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