Getting a clearer picture

Smile because it’s not that hard..I say, we need to make sure we have smiled enough for the day. Be it good times bad times happy times sad times…at the end it’s all on you how you want to deal with the day! I think we should make it a habit like how we brush our teeth. Today I feel like a person who has loved and lost. Loved because i did love dearly..and lost because it snapped in my head today..that there is no turning back now. What’s gone is gone. I wrote in my notepad the word that came in my mind at that moment: “MELANCHOLY”. It didn’t quite content me. So I wrote another word i really like: “TRYST”. I’ll be great. I am not made of steel, infact I put myself in those “very sensitive people” category but something in me says things will be great. I mean I am still smiling at the end of it all right!
Despite all my resolutions I have been little off the track, insanely, what people can call disturbed. If they observe me they’ll speculate myriad stuffs, they might show sympathy because I have even been looking miserable. I dragged through the whole day somehow and when I reached home I opened a parcel(usual shopping) and tried on these cute girly pink shoes. It made me all smiley faced and put me into that slow dancing mood. :). I don’t know where actual happiness lies but it’s commendable if you can find it in the little things around you. My job for today is done. And i repeat someone else’s overused quote: a day I haven’t laughed is a day wasted. I somehow saved today’s grace.

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