2 am talks

I have been reading news from all corners of the world today. I have been googling(is this a word yet?) lots of stuff and I have shopped my wallets out this weekend. Why so much activity? Even now in the middle of the night, 2:15 am IST, instead of sleeping I am penning my thoughts. Don’t want a moment of idleness. I am aware this is not normal behaviour, but then this is better than pondering about unwanted things.
A question just walked past my brain. What are we to the Universe? What if I asked Universe this question? It’s almost similar in fatuity to a body cell asking us questions like what do I mean to you! Now, I am aware of the fact that body cells die and replace new ones every passing second of the clock but if I had to answer I would answer something like this: you, dear body cell constitute me, you are a part of my being. I know you are puny and unsightable but if you go, I’ll be a person less complete than before. Talk about romanticising anything that comes my way! :D. I wish Universe has a reply similar to mine. I wish Universe reaches out and hints me in my dreams tonight that, hey girl! You mean a lot.
My eyelids are heavy now, like they are carrying sooo much weight. Off to sleep!

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