Peace of mind..amidst chaos

My job is to live and live to the fullest. And sing. And write. And read. And dance. And love. My job is to emanate boundless energy and not worry about the past or future. I cannot hold anything in my hands. No. These moments are transitory. Only thing that will remain are its feeble traces. When God would have created me and coddled his hands over my head, I am sure he might have smiled and said…go my sweet child..go make moments. He wouldn’t have said things like, go churn urself till your body gives in. Go worry. Go cry. Go grieve. Why would he want things like that right?! Makes no sense. I think I am on the verge of a transformation. I think I need to change for my own good. When I say this, my nerves riposte: You will miss him. And I reply back: let’s consider him a human and cut some slack. Let’s not make a big deal out of what people say and think and want you to do. I will lay back for a while now!
Meanwhile..i went on a trip to Manali with my best pals. There was lot of confusion and turbulance and few bones of contention..but overall it was worth it. Made me ponder how time flies! Made me realize I am on my own now. Made me happy. May be a little sad. There again i was trying to hold the moment but darn it flies. One moment you are all teary eyed and hugging your best friend good bye and another moment you are having a sandwich at your office cafeteria. Things don’t make sense to me these days. So I’ll preach now that be in the moment. Neither ahead nor behind. And mates! I sure want to practise what I preach. :).

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