Borrowed something

We learn a good deal of things from the people we meet in our life. I will go ahead and list some good, cute, cherishable habits i have learnt till date from my loved ones:
– never cringe to pay for your buddies; even when you are broke.
– call your friends often. So often that it becomes a part of routine for them to receive your call.
– deal with huge huge problems without sweating and by keeping your mind at peace.
– love unconditionally; and to those you love don’t think at all before helping them.
– keep changing your hair style, every six to eight months.
– keep reading: comics, history, movies, music, stories, headlines, gossip, gibberish etc etc. Just keep reading.
– love the songs without imagining yourself in them.
– keep your bed empty/cleared before going to sleep.
– be a good host.
– dance. Dance like you want to break your leg. Anywhere. Everywhere. Strangers don’t matter.
– sync clothes on some occassions and wear matching colors with your friends.
– always utilize your loneliness.
– finish your plate off. Don’t waste any food.
– dress well. Iron every frickin’ thing.
– take pride in your quirks.
– create no fuss about shitty situations. Deal with it. On your own.
– shop for the fun of it without thinking about money.
– eat ice cream often.
– always keep track of new things: gadgets, music, news.
– age is just a number and no job is too small for you. Do it diligently.
– stay busy all you want, but when your bff is in trouble, stay up whole night to make them alright.
– adjust to your surroundings.
– lay no inhibitions while singing. Sing how you feel it in your nerves.
– make funny faces, do funny actions as and when you like.
– walk. Walk is good.
– it is human to cry your eyes out. Gender is no bias.
– stay happy and spread happiness.

I don’t know how many of these i precisely follow. But i recalled all my favorite people and these things ran through my mind. I have been admiring these traits in them. And i try to emulate some, every now and then. :).

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