Ephemeral joys

Winters…christmassy air…placid smile coming on face..some days I feel like God is working out to make me happy. I am not sure but he is doing something up there. Like stars are aligning themselves to bring me beautiful moments. Yeah some days it feels exactly the opposite, but let me hold on to the good stuff. I have a handful of friends to treasure. Today i am in a mood to hug each one of them. :). It’s no extra ordinary day. Just another usual tuesday.

2 hours later..
A strange thing happened now. I got away for a while and the internet connection went off or the page logged off or i closed it by mistake or something..now when i returned i was not so cheery like 2 hrs ago..n i felt like oh no! I was writing kind of happy things. How do i rewrite them? And then i was frantically looking if a draft was saved for my above lines and failed to do that. And i gave up on the whole thing. Say, i will write another day may be! Then one last time, i clicked on this ‘+’ sign and it did its baap beep boop…and yay i saw something there! Do you want to restore an earlier draft? Yes, i do. I so do. It’s not like I had written something great or at length, but i had been happy while penning it and for a sec it made me think, how SHORT LIVED is happiness?! How soon it passes away. And the moment you see some ray for it to return…you want to grab it like a child vying for a candy from some adult’s hand.

So, i guess, will end on a happy note today. :). We got to stay happy OR keep seeking happiness. Stars will work out and give you a “Restore” option soon..very soon..

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