Filial love in the air

What will i write today?

Mind is surprisingly very blank at the moment. Why take the trouble to write up a blog when your brain cells are hibernating?! Let’s try.

My parents are about to visit me soon, and I am reminiscing all the beautiful childhood times. It delights me to think how when I was a kid my parents treated me like some delicate doll of sorts. Shouldn’t get her feet dirty, shouldn’t catch cold, hairs all neat and kempt, should eat lots of food..should drink milk before sleep..shouldn’t hurt herself…should sleep with all coziness and comfort of the world..should keep her smile on. I was probably not even aware of these many “shoulds”. One trivia i crisply remember from those times is how i used to go through the family photo albums over and over again with my mom. Most of the pics had me in them. There was this one photo that only had my mom and dad in it..and every time i used to see it…i used to make a huge fuss about why did you click it?! Why am I not here! You and dad don’t love me! Remove this photo from the album! My mom would then apply all her tricks to cheer me up or divert me else where. Now after all these years when i look back, i feel like asking myself: Who would bear such futile, over the top tantrums of mine today?
I don’t act so stupidly now but even till date, i think my parents irrationally hear to all my wishes. I don’t know why do they do that? Why have they spoiled me so darn much that the rest of the world seems little cruel in comparison. I try and stay all independent and strong and all the heavy words when I am alone. And every time they visit, I’ll turn that same doll mode on..innately. From an outsider’s perspective: Not Healthy. Anyway looking forward. :).

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