Burn scarlet red!

“Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.” ― Rumi

Point noted Sir. Infact i would like to add: don’t hang around those who curb it.
I mean, why do we say things like: Life is boring..life is going no where..there is no meaning to life…bla bla and bla. Life is no third party right, that is taking decisions without asking you. You are the life. Ofcourse some things are not in our hands and surprise us on every nook and corner, but the rest of it..i think a hefty 70% of it is totally in our hands. I am feeling this unbridled energy today…that is yearning me to spread out my arms and close my eyes and think for a moment that i am standing at the edge of a cliff! Wow the breeze…that sensation when your hairs are kind of sweaty and air strokes your nape. You are like…this is good..let me sit here for a while. The silence around is making me think at a lightening speed..nature is with you..the birds the sky the river downstream..they are concording with your train of thoughts. They are saying stuff like..Yes..dear human..live it up..shed off those apprehensions..shed off the worldly trivialities..LIVE IT UP! Okay, i reply in return.

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