Bid adieu another Sunday

The night is seeming tiringly long..and there are no signs of sleep knocking on my door any time soon. Somehow penning down my gibberish here at this untimely hour gives me some comfort. I could do it in my private journal but writing it down here is like spreading your words out to million stars…like a transmitter sending out some signal…and some receiver might fetch it! I wonder if someone out there is lying on their bed and strolling through the blogs in search of nothing; just as I am penning down words without giving a second thought. I mean who cares?! I can say anything i want…i could shout out loud (metaphorically)..iiiiii loooooove darkkkk chocolate cakes!!! And i loooove the way the word resplendent sounds…What more? I want to wear something bright tomorrow. I want to buy a dslr camera very soon for my upcoming trip. I want to go out in the night somewhere peaceful and feel the chilly winter breeze in my bones. I wish i get up early tomorrow…that if i ever get sleep. I want this weird phase to end. This “loner-blank headed-not getting sleep at nights” phase!
I will sign off now..good night you stars..

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